Are you ready for fall's arrival? As much as I hate to see summer go, there comes a time when one must prepare their kitchen for fall. So put away the ice cream maker and sangria pitchers, and make room for the dutch oven and teapot. Today I checked out the Yum Market on TeamSugar to see if you had any ideas for an easy summer to fall transition. Start by dusting off your favorite mugs and cleaning out your oversized thermoses. At the grocery store get the fixings for a whole wheat apple pie and stock up on your favorite, warming tea. Pumpkin butter tastes delicious on breakfast toast and afternoon snack crackers. Splurge on individual French onion soup bowls that can double as creme brulee pots. Lastly, fill your house with fall's fresh fragrance in the form of a bay leaf wreath. laura1867 bookmarked this gorgeous piece that can be placed on your front door, in your walkway, or above your cabinets.

For the details on how to save your fall must haves in TeamSugar please read geeksugar's helpful guide.