Salt and pepper shakers are great everyday tools that can be used to add style and personality to your kitchen. Sure you can get them in plain old clear glass but why would you want to when they come in so many fun and fabulous colors, shapes, and styles? For example, both casie82 and I ask, how cute are these salt and pepper shakers? I love how they are little honey bears and think I may have to get them for my parent's mountain vacation house.

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I picture these spunky lego salt and pepper shakers that swwonder bookmarked in a geeky bachelor's loft apartment. Can't you just picture geeksugar saying to her boyfriend, pass the stubby lego head please?

A dog lover will get a kick out of these hot dog salt and pepper shakers. Koreniebear found these shakers that are so cute and totally make me hungry for a hot dog.

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