As I was looking through the Yum Market I noticed some fabulous kitchen toys. I refer to them as kitchen toys because that's what they are. Sure they perform a specified function, but in all honesty you do not need these gadgets to survive in the kitchen. Still they're so much fun that I can't help but wish I had them to play with in my kitchen. The first one, found by arianell, is an Outdoor Artisan Pizza Oven - something I totally don't need but I really want. Imagine having the ability to make perfectly wood fired pizzas in the comfort of your own backyard! Two more over the top toys, so

Jgasia posted one of her Christmas gifts, this Wine Chiller. I know, obviously nobody needs a wine chiller when they have a fridge that can do the job splendidly, but I told you these were toys. They're things we want, not something we need.

You won't believe the last one, the culinary toy that theotherhalfofme submitted. It's called The Margarator and blends mean margaritas right in your very own home. This marvelous machine will make you feel like you're on the beaches of Mexico! If anyone out there has one, please do tell us all how well it works.

Thanks Yum Market divas for saving your stuff! Keep on posting all things that are culinary cool in the Yum Market.