October is that magical time of the year where the weather starts to change, fall hits us hard and the holidays are just around the corner. It also happens to be National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and — on the lighter side of things — National Cookie Month. To get you prepared for a fabulous October, I've rounded up some great products that you simply must have.

  • First on the list are these Limited Edition Riedel Pink Vinum Rosé Wineglasses. The pink stems represent Riedel's support of Living Beyond Breast Cancer and a portion of the proceeds is contributed to support breast cancer diagnosis and management. A set of two glasses can be yours for $40.
  • Next up is this American Honey Flight. Produced by artisanal beekeepers, there are nine different glass vials of raw honey, such as Maine Blueberry and Washington Buckwheat. Each vial is hand-corked and sealed with beeswax. Cost: $72.
  • An important part of October is the Halloween decor and pumpkin carving. To make your pumpkin carving an easy experience, get your hands on one of these Van Vacter Pumpkin Knives. It has a rounded safety tip and fine serrations for easy cutting. The dishwasher safe knife also features a non-slip handle and a stainless steel blade. $19.95 for one.
  • During the fall, a slow cooker is definitely a must have. This 6 Quart Premium VersaWare Slow Cooker from Rival features an inner pot that can be used directly on the stove. Now you can brown your meat directly in your slow cooker pot, and toss it in the oven to reheat. You can also store the pot in the freezer, or pop it in the microwave. Available for $54.99.
  • This month's final must have is a Baker's Half Sheet Pan with Storage Cover. The rust proof aluminum pan is perfect for even-heating and offers great cookies each time. The cover is an extra bonus, you can easily transport bar cookies, regular cookies and even cupcakes.