Hello ladies (and gentlemen)! I am extremely excited to announce the arrival of the latest Sugar Network installment, YumSugar. I'll help plan your parties while teaching you how to poach an egg. You'll learn how to pick the perfect peach, jazz up store bought guacamole and pair a dry Jack with a medium bodied Pinot. I'll also help you find innovative ideas for themed invitations and delectable menus to create culinary masterpieces.

Whether you are the hostess with the most-ess, a rookie looking to polish your chopping skills or a domestically challenged diva, YumSugar is your go-to site for all things fabulous in and around the kitchen.

Do you have a no fail recipe that gets compliments every time? Send it to me! I look forward to hearing all about your kitchen catastrophes and mouth-watering memories. If you're hungry for more, keep on reading because YumSugar is here and it's so good, it's to die for!