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Ultress Ultress 9 years
Strong was needlessly bee achy, completely self-important with obviously no perspective on...well, life. You're a food blogger. Get over yourself. Not to say you had to treat the chefs with kid gloves...but she was obviously throwing jabs just for the fun of it. Loser.
pjirick pjirick 9 years
Actually, I don't think Amateur Gourmet would have done any better than Andrea, who was shockingly rude in my opinion. After reading AG's hateful review of Hell's Kitchen (which he does not even watch on a regular basis) turned me off of him completely, even going as far as unsubscribing to his blog. After Andrea's cutting comments on TC, I dropped her too, but at least Andrea is a professional in the food industry, as AG is exactly how he describes himself, amateur.
lily314 lily314 10 years
Andrea Strong was annoyingly snarky in her review. Her jokes fell flat and she came off as a total ... fill in the blank. I realize that snarkiness comes natural to critics, but, honestly, if you want to make fun of something, at least be funny about it or you'll just seem bitter. Amateur Gourmet is so much funnier, and I would have totally loved his take on Restaurant Wars. Too bad!
veside veside 10 years
It's kinda insane to think that they audition for the blogger part...the behind the scenes info is much appreciated,. AG. Better luck next time (maybe at your audition for SNL?)
ALSW ALSW 10 years
I love that he sounds just as geeky as me!
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