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maddyme maddyme 9 years
I make a version of this at home. I buy a good brand of plain vanilla ice cream and then spoon in two or three tablespoons of The Ginger People's Ginger spread over te ice cream and mash it all together. It yummy. I think I may have seen ginger spread at Trader Joes or Cost Plus World Market. Either way, I buy the below two or three jars at a time.
Advah Advah 9 years
I love ginger, that sounds brilliant!
fauxtographic fauxtographic 9 years
i've had ginger ice cream before at a resto and it was awesome... it had wee little bits of frozen ginger which made it an interesting treat. this and green tea are my absolute faves for when i'm craving a dessert that's not ultra-sweet but still refreshing! wish i had an ice cream maker to try this out...
SublimeChica SublimeChica 9 years
Mmmm! I've never had ginger ice cream, only ginger creme brulee but it was AMAZING! I was real iffy about it too, but the flavor is subtle and it beautifully offsets the richness creme brulee....I'm assuming the same would be true for ice cream.
will205 will205 9 years
i love homemade ice cream, but idk about ginger...
emalove emalove 9 years
Ginger ice cream is GOOD. I've had it for dessert in a couple of different sushi restaurants.
aimeeb aimeeb 9 years
Nyrina-Windu Nyrina-Windu 9 years
I don't think I would like the Ginger kind either.
CurvatudeBlog CurvatudeBlog 9 years
wow..i wish i would have had this recipe when ginger root came in my veggie delivery a couple of months ago..
jedimasterarmi jedimasterarmi 9 years
it sounds really yummy.
Rancher'sGirl Rancher'sGirl 9 years
It's ice cream time again! Yippee!:) I will make the custard and and my dutiful, loving husband will assemble the ice cream maker. I just might serve this with the candy bar brownies that were posted yesterday...Mmmmmm!
calamari calamari 9 years
I've had ginger ice cream a few times at restaurants and I love it. But I really love anything with ginger flavor: ginger gum, ginger ale, ginger altoids...yummy
GrapeBubbleGum GrapeBubbleGum 9 years
ice cream! I don't know if I'd like ginger ice cream, but it is exciting to think that ice cream season is starting soon. My ice cream maker is also still in hibernation :)
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