The classic tiki drink dubbed "the zombie" wasn't named in honor of Halloween but because of its highly boozy effect. Combining light rum, dark rum, and high-proof rum, this is one dangerous but delicious drink. Given its horror movie connotations, it makes a perfect mixer for any Halloween party and especially a zombie Halloween party.

The recipe calls for blood orange juice, giving the drink a bloody hue, though I used a touch of blood orange Italian soda instead. The zombie goes down pretty easy but thankfully tastes strong enough to keep you in check. Celebrate Halloween early or toast to this freaky Friday and get the recipe now.




  1. 1 1/4 oz. lemon juice
  2. 3 dashes grenadine
  3. 3/4 oz. blood orange juice
  4. 3/4 oz. cherry brandy
  5. 3/4 oz. light rum
  6. 2 oz. dark rum
  7. 1/2 oz. high-proof dark rum


Makes 1 drink.
Combine all ingredients well over ice cubes in a shaker, and strain into a large, frosted cocktail glass over crushed ice. The drink can be garnished with a stick of pineapple, a cherry, or a sprig of fresh mint dipped in powered sugar.

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