Aldi Is Selling Caramel Macchiato Cupcakes, and the Entire Pack Costs Less Than the Drink

Aldi, the chain grocery store that continuously gives us some of the best deals when it comes to food shopping, is making us even more excited for Fall with its upcoming cupcake flavor — caramel macchiato. That's right, starting Sept. 18, you can get one of your favorite flavored coffee drinks in the form of a delicious baked treat. The best part? A pack of four cupcakes comes in at $3.89, which is cheaper than the actual drink itself at Starbucks, which retails for $4.45!

And it only gets better from here! Aldi will also start selling specially selected Maple Pecan Cupcakes on Sept. 18 as well for the same price. Looks like all of our Fall dessert needs are covered!