Alton Brown Cooks Mario Batali This Breakfast Carbonara That You Can Re-Create at Home

Alton Brown just released his highly anticipated cookbook, EveryDayCook ($35), and the Food Network star appeared on ABC's The Chew to make the first recipe within its pages, a breakfast carbonara with linguine pasta. Alton said the inspiration came from some folks who told him "pasta for breakfast should be a thing." He got to thinking about carbonara, which traditionally has bacon and eggs, so according to Alton, it's "halfway to breakfast." He swaps in breakfast sausage for bacon, and then there's a little orange zest as a nod to the ultimate breakfast drink second to coffee: OJ!

ABC | Jeff Neira

Take a look at both recipe videos below so you can start your day the Alton Brown breakfast carbonara way:
Alton Brown Breakfast Carbonara: Part 1
Alton Brown Breakfast Carbonara: Part 2