Bust Out Some Wine and Crackers, Because the Cheese Advent Calendar Has Arrived

Ah, the advent calendar . . . the perfect tradition that makes every morning in December exciting, knowing that you get to open another "door" and discover a new prize. Whether your favorite calendar includes chocolate, cozy socks, or even booze, there's something about the whole process that fills you with childlike excitement over 25 small treats. And now we're even more excited, because there's officially a cheese advent calendar available for purchase at Asda, priced just under $11. CHEESE-FILLED, PEOPLE.

Unfortunately for American cheese-lovers, the calendar is only available in the UK . . . but you could always create your own version at home. In the meantime, just look at the glory that is Asda's cheese variety, and let it get you in the mood for the holidays. Now, who's got the wine and crackers?