Blue Bunny's Indulgent Chocolate Donut Ice Cream Is Here — and It Comes With Sprinkles!

Yep, you read that right! It looks like Chocolate Donut Ice Cream is real, and we have Blue Bunny to thank for the decadent creation that will definitely be making its way onto our spoons ASAP. After the ice cream brand's Cookie Butter Ice Cream hit the shelves, diet plans were instantly forgotten — and I have a feeling the new flavor will prompt a similar reaction. I mean, seriously? Ice cream AND doughnuts? It's like my taste buds and my sweet tooth had a dessert baby.

While the Blue Bunny site has yet to feature any details about the supersweet ice cream, TheJunkFoodAisle on Instagram has kindly pointed out that the brand's newest flavor will combine vanilla ice cream, drizzles of milk chocolate icing, actual doughnut pieces, and rainbow sprinkles. Oh. My. Chocolate. If that doesn't sound indulgent, I don't know what does. The Chocolate Donut Ice Cream can be found at Safeway and Hy-Vee stores, according to CandyHunting on Instagram.

The brand also seems to have a new Cold Brew Ice Cream flavor on the shelves, complete with coffee ice cream, caramel swirls, and chocolate espresso pieces. Delicious! Keep reading to see more photos of these sweet new treats.