Where to Follow Your Favorite Bon Appétit Test Kitchen Staff on Social Media

If you're a fan of delicious food and funny videos, chances are you never miss a Bon Appétit Test Kitchen episode. Thanks to the ridiculously charming staff, the YouTube series has become extremely popular, amassing millions of views on nearly every video.

Sometimes seeing Carla crack coconuts with Natalie Portman and witnessing Claire lose her mind over tempered chocolate just isn't enough! Whether you're looking for recipe inspiration, shirtless pictures, or adorable dog content, the Test Kitchen staff has it all. Keep reading to find out where you can follow them on social media.


Andy Baraghani

Andy Baraghani is a senior food editor at Bon Appétit and Healthyish. For endless dinner inspiration (and the occasional shirtless picture), follow Andy on Instagram.


Molly Baz

We can always count on senior food editor Molly Baz to shorten every word (who can forget Broc-Bolo?) and to let us know we probably need more salt. You can follow Molly on Instagram.


Christina Chaey

Associate web Editor Christina Chaey is often a guest in Test Kitchen videos, but she made her official Test Kitchen debut earlier this year when she made buckwheat noodles. You can follow Christina on Instagram.


Brad Leone

Ah, Brad Leone — the Test Kitchen's resident goofball and garlic enthusiast. You can follow the hilarious "It's Alive" host on Instagram.


Claire Saffitz

"Gourmet Makes" host Claire Saffitz is the genius behind classics like homemade Twinkies, Oreos, and Pop Rocks. For delicious baking inspiration, follow Claire on Instagram.


Carla Lalli Music

Food Director Carla Lalli Music has worked at Bon Appétit for almost 10 years. On her series "Back-to-Back Chef," she guides celebrities through recipes using only verbal instructions. You can follow Carla on Instagram and Twitter.


Chris Morocco

Viewers love Deputy Food Editor Chris Morocco for his "Reverse Engineering" series, his meticulous nature, and his adorably tiny bites. You can follow him on Instagram.


Gaby Melian

Gaby Melian, everyone's favorite Test Kitchen manager and empanada maker, loves to share recipes and adorable dog pictures. You can follow Gaby on Instagram.