Here Is Exactly How You Should Freeze Doughnuts

From brides choosing doughnuts over wedding cakes to Krispy Kreme's new fruit-themed doughnuts, our favorite doughy snack is having a major moment right now. And even though you can never have enough doughnuts, what do you do when you maybe want to save some for later? POPSUGAR spoke to Katie Heil, certified professional in food safety (CP-FS) at StateFoodSafety and senior editor for the company's food safety education courses, to get the lowdown on if and how you should freeze doughnuts.

"From a food safety perspective, it's perfectly safe to freeze doughnuts," Heil told POPSUGAR. But the question is, should you? Heil explained that even though freezing doughnuts will not negatively impact their safety, it may affect their quality. "Some ingredients, like a cream filling, don't freeze well," she explained, adding that "when cream is frozen, the ice crystals cause it to separate, which makes it look curdled."

If you're going to freeze leftover doughnuts, just make sure to do so as soon as possible. "The fresher they are when you freeze them, the fresher they'll taste after being thawed," Heil said. "In addition, the faster the food becomes frozen, the fewer ice crystals will form and the fresher the doughnuts will taste after they're thawed." She explained that the best way to freeze doughnuts is by first placing them on a cookie sheet with wax paper, making sure they have enough room to breathe and are not touching. Then store the doughnuts in your freezer for three to five hours, or overnight if you prefer. Once the doughnuts are totally frozen, transfer them into a freezer bag or a tightly sealed container and place them back in the freezer. "Freezer bags are thicker than storage bags, which preserves food quality better," said Heil, who also suggested that the doughnuts be eaten within three months of freezing.

Once you're ready to take one out of the freezer to eat, you can either thaw the doughnut in the refrigerator or use a microwave if you're short on time. "It's best to use the fridge because the doughnuts won't dry out easily," she said. "And if you use the microwave, be careful not to heat doughnuts too long or they'll dry out."