Stop Trying to Make Carrot Lattes Happen

Look, we get it. Drinking the same old latte can get a little boring, so it's fun to change up your coffee order sometimes. But one coffee shop in Australia has taken the idea way too far by making "carrot-cinos," aka steamed milk and espresso served IN A CARROT. The coffee shop responsible for this impossibly hipster idea, Locals Corner in Seaforth, shared a photo of the carrot concoction on June 3, writing, "How about carrot latte 😉."

Before you get too heated, know that the carrot latte is not an official menu item; the baristas are simply having fun. They even experimented with a latte inside of a green apple. "We just like doing different things; we've being doing a few of these, one with an apple, one with an avocado, this week was a carrot and next week we will do something different," the cafe owner told Daily Mail Australia.

But knowing how our society works when it comes to "secret menus" related to coffee (hint, hint, Mermaid Frappuccinos), I would not be surprised if people attempted to order this based on the fact that they know the barista can make it. The putting-lattes-in-produce trend started when avocado lattes became a thing, which also originated in Australia (what's the deal, Australia?!). And in our opinion, it has got to stop. It's an insult to fresh carrots everywhere to cut off their tops and fill them with steaming-hot milk and espresso. They deserve to be dipped in hummus or served in crudités cups for party guests to enjoy. Let's put our carrots in salads and keep our lattes in cups and call it a day, shall we?