Disneyland's Latest Instagram-Worthy Snack Is Inspired by Alice in Wonderland

We've known about Disneyland's drool-worthy doughnut selection for a while now, but the latest addition to the roster is the first one inspired by a classic Disney film. Bloggers and Instagram foodies have fallen head-over-heels for a lavender sprinkled confection featuring smiling Alice in Wonderland feline, the Cheshire Cat.

The Instagrammable doughnut is available in limited supply at the coffee cart on Main Street, and has arrived just in time for Halloween. The cat's smile is creepy enough for the holiday, but adorable enough for wimps, so you'd best believe that this tasty treat will be a major trend among park-goers throughout October. These photos of the colorful doughnut will make you want to make a Disney trip ASAP!