These Cadbury Coated Oreos Are an Extravagant Chocolate Clusterf*ck

Cadbury and Oreo have teamed up yet again to create an over-the-top and indulgent dessert. In Australia, the two beloved brands have released Cadbury Coated Oreos. Though the name is pretty self-explanatory, the new product is composed of regular Oreo cookies that have been dipped in smooth chocolate.

Through the years, Cadbury and Oreo have released several hybrid products, including candy bars, creme eggs, and more. The latest creation, however, is particularly exciting because it uses an Oreo cookie as its foundation, as opposed to a Cadbury chocolate bar.

It seems like stores throughout Australia have already begun stocking boxes of Cadbury Coated Oreos, with each box containing six packs of two. Though this extravagant treat is only available internationally right now, we'll keep our fingers crossed for a stateside launch. In the meantime, treat yourself to some pictures of the delectable dessert.