Cookie Butter Oreos Are Coming — Because Dreams Really Do Come True

Just when we thought we'd officially found our ultimate go-to Oreo flavor (*cough, Dunkin' Donuts Mocha, cough*), the snack company is about to bless us with another option that's sure to take the cake: Cookie Butter! This delectable cookie-flavored spread has gotten wildly popular this year, so of course the geniuses over at Oreo couldn't resist getting in on the hype. Instagram user markie_devo, who often shares insider tips about upcoming snack launches, first spotted this heart-palpitation-inducing news. He first shared a picture of the Cookie Butter Oreo packaging, explaining that the flavor will be released on Sept. 18.

And now, Cookie Butter Oreos are officially listed on Target's website, meaning they're sure to hit store shelves soon. Keep your eyes peeled for this amazing new flavor!