There's Only 1 Word to Describe Costco's 3-Pound Colossal Cookie: "Dangerous"

When it comes to girls' night, there are only two necessities: wine and carbs, and Costco's latest frozen dessert is about to take care of the latter. After releasing a 5-pound Harvest Spice Cheesecake and continuing its reign of seasonal desserts with its annual 4-pound pumpkin pie, Costco is back at it again β€” but this time, the grocery gods are taking their dessert talents into the frozen section. Spotted by Costco-aficionado costcobuys on Instagram, a nearly 3-pound chocolate chunk Colossal Cookie has hit stores, and its perfect for girls' night, Thanksgiving dessert, or even a late-night treat.

For just $8, you get two chocolate chunk-filled cookies, which some have aptly described as "dangerous." Costco-lovers have taken to the comments to express their excitement over the "colossal" dessert, with one person even saying, "They had samples at my store last week and it's EVERYTHING! πŸ™ŒπŸ»." Others added, "I am boggled. And I need it in my belly now ❀️" and "OH MY GOD FAV THIS LOOKS INSANE."

Check the frozen section at your local Costco, and prepare to go crazy over the oozing chocolatey treat. (Pro tip: top it off with ice cream, and then it will really be colossal.)