This Proves Cotton Candy Belongs on Everything

If your favorite part of Summer is sweet, sticky spun sugar in pretty pastels, then keep reading. Fluffë, an Australia-based company run by a cool guy named Nathan, makes cotton candy that looks as good as it tastes. Fluffë is definitely a step above your fave carnival treat, featuring unexpected flavors like Unicorn Poop and Gypsy Dreams. According to its site, Unicorn Poop tastes like musk and sprinkles (ummm yes!). Bonus: the packaging is perfect for your next Instagram photo. Fluffë's account is also worth a follow, as it features gorgeous shots of its fairy floss alongside creative and unexpected cotton candy desserts. Want more Fluffë? Order a Fluffë Box ($27) online — and yes, the company ships internationally! Meanwhile, here are some unexpected ways to use up your cotton candy.

Replace your ice cream with a "floss" cream cone

Just add Champagne!

Stick it on your boba milk tea

Wrap it around an ice cream bar

Sprinkle some on top of your hot chocolate

Make a crazy milkshake

Fill a macaron with it

Add some to your funfetti pancakes

Layer it in a parfait

Stash inside a rainbow bagel

Create a doughnut "floss" burger

Give new meaning to Taco Tuesday

Put a bit on top of your waffles

Or eat it by itself!