This Couple Took the World's Best Engagement Pictures — at Chili's

I took some of my engagement pictures at @Chilis. You're welcome.

— Krista Doyle (@Krista_Doyle) August 1, 2017

There's nothing quite like Chili's queso to really bring romantic engagement pictures to the next level. That was the genius idea of Krista Doyle and Kelly Boyles, who decided to capture their love for each other (and food, of course) by snapping a few photos at the restaurant chain. Krista took to Twitter earlier this week to share some of the incredible pictures, which are equal parts adorable and hilarious, and Chili's noticed, replying to her tweet and saying, "These are the best engagement pictures we've ever seen." Agreed!

These are the best engagement pictures we've ever seen. Congrats on the engagement! We'd love to send you a gift. Please DM us!

— Chili's Grill & Bar (@Chilis) August 1, 2017

Krista told POPSUGAR that the idea came about while they were driving around to a few locations with their photographer, Desiree Echevarria. "I just said, 'We should do a few at Chili's!' because Kelly and I both love food," she said. "And I've been a huge Chili's fan my entire life."

When asked how they met, Krista explained, "We met on set of a web series our mutual friends were making called 'The Bacheloresbian,' which is a lesbian parody of The Bachelorette." She added, "We were both 'contestants,' but I fell for her instantly and asked her on a date two days later."

They're still finalizing their wedding menu, but Krista assured me that she's "DEFINITELY considered having Chili's chips, salsa, and queso there." File under: weddings we wish we were invited to.