Hi, Hello — Cracker Jack Has a Holiday Popcorn That Tastes Like Sugar Cookies!

After falling for Pop Secret's Popfetti, we have a taste for sugary-sweet popcorn that simply can't be satiated. Thankfully, Cracker Jack — yes, the nostalgic popcorn synonymous with baseball games — has a delightful flavor based on the taste of holiday sugar cookies.

Much to our surprise, Cracker Jack's seasonal Holiday Sugar Cookie Popcorn has been out for a few years now. The sweet snack consists of vanilla candy-coated popcorn with tiny red and green sprinkles. According to Junk Banter, the popcorn is good if you have an exceptional sweet tooth. "The glaze is smooth and identical to what one would expect from a caramel corn," the blogger wrote. "The flavor is a sweet vanilla. Like, really sweet. I'd like to say too sweet, but it's not any sweeter than I expected from a Cracker Jack product."

If you prefer snacks that don't hold back on the sugar, then this will probably be the festive treat for you. Just don't wait too long — the popcorn likely won't be available anymore following the holiday season.