Flippin' Your Fins WILL Get You Far at This Mermaid-Themed Dessert Cafe

Whenever life starts looking bleak, just remember: we live in a world where Creme and Sugar OC exists, which means we live in a world where actual dessert magic is real. The same Anaheim, CA, cafe that brought us a Beauty and the Beast-themed menu and popularized unicorn hot chocolate has gone and done it again — but now, the fairytale establishment is offering up mermaid-inspired milkshakes, cakes, and other confections!

Considering that Creme and Sugar is located conveniently close to Disneyland, one can't help but draw connections between the seasonal mermaid dessert menu and The Little Mermaid. Pastel-colored milkshakes sprouting finned tail accents, aqua-blue "mermaid water" soft drinks, and ombré-layered mermaid cake slices topped with sugary seashell motifs make up the menu. Is it any surprise that people drive hours to sample these sweets?

Grab your dinglehoppers — errr, forks — and read on for drool-worthy pictures of the menu.