These Customizable Disney Tumblers Are So Beautiful, We Honestly Can't Pick Just One

Mar 14 2020 - 10:15am

While we would plan a trip to Disney [1] every month if we could, we know that's probably not the most viable option (we can still dream though). But even if we can't walk down Main Street USA every day, there are still ways to bring a bit of Disney magic home [2] with us. The next time you're in class or at work and need a little Magic Kingdom pick-me-up, sip from one of these beautiful Disney tumblers [3] ($19) on Etsy.

The reusable cups are almost completely customizable and are made with you in mind, so you can choose from designs like Beauty and the Beast, Peter Pan, The Lion King, and Mickey and Minnie Mouse kissing — all silhouetted on Cinderella's iconic castle. You can also choose your vinyl color and add your name if you really want to make it your own. We've rounded up just a few of their top Disney tumblers, so keep reading to see why these cups should be on our wish list.

Disney Tumbler

The Disney Tumblers [5] ($19) have several design options to pick from. We love this classic Mickey and Minnie under the castle one!

Disney Tumbler

While the Etsy store offers quite a few design choices, the creators also offer the option to send along your own image to add to the Disney Tumblers [6] ($19). This makes it a perfect gift for your friend who likes that one really obscure Disney character but can never find their merch at the theme parks.

Disney Tumbler

When ordering a Disney Tumbler [7] ($19), you can pick where the central design is positioned (side, front, or back), the vinyl color, and the font. It's honestly meant to represent you and your love for Disney, so the whole design process feels really personal and the result is authentically you!

Disney Tumbler

The Disney Tumblers [8] ($19) are meant for cold drinks only, so enjoy a nice iced tea or coffee with a magical feel.

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