Disney's Exclusive Starbucks Holiday Mug Is Here and We NEED IT

We hope that whoever pitched the idea of Disney-park-exclusive Starbucks merchandise got a raise and a promotion, because every single piece is adorable. Every time we post new Starbucks cups from the parks, POPSUGAR's Facebook followers comment things like, "I don't need any more cups, but I have to buy this one!" And we're sorry to do it to ya, but there's a new Disney-exclusive Starbucks cup that you'll want to drop everything for and buy: a festive holiday mug featuring a gingerbread Disney castle.

According to Disney fan accounts, the mug is available at Starbucks locations in both Disneyland and Walt Disney World for $22 — and if it's anything like past exclusives, the mug will sell out in no time flat. So check out photos of the adorable seasonal cup, then run (don't walk) to a Disney park to find your own. BRB, planning a Disney vacation!