Disneyland Paris Has Nutella Lion King Milkshakes, and the Flavors Are Driving Me Bananas

Something tells me Timon and Pumbaa would gladly give up the juiciest grub in all of the savanna to try one of these Disneyland Lion King milkshakes — and my stomach is basically already singing "Hakuna Matata." Available exclusively at Victoria's Home-Style Restaurant in Disneyland Paris, the same treat stop that brought us these adorable Chip 'n' Dale milkshakes, the Simba and Pumbaa shakes feature the silhouettes of two of the film's most lovable characters, à la Rafiki.

While they look like they were practically made to be put on Instagram, the shakes also offer up some delicious-sounding flavors. The Simba shake is vanilla praline flavored, while the Pumbaa milkshake combines Nutella and banana, according to disneyland.and.me on Instagram. Still, as tasty as they sound, they might just be too pretty to drink!