These ARE the Carbs You're Looking For — Disneyland Now Has Star Wars Bread!

Step aside, Groot — there's a new Instagrammable Disneyland bread trend in town, and it's got a dark side. We're talking Star Wars-inspired sourdough loaves, people, and they're here to make you hungry (no Jedi mind tricks required). Available in two varieties, Storm Trooper or Darth Vader, the bread is — appropriately — up for grabs in the Tomorrowland area of the California theme park.

According to park guests, each hefty loaf will run you around $8 at various snack stands and the Pizza Port eatery in Tomorrowland, which means you can snag a photo (and a drool-worthy taste) of both for under $20. Think of the pun opportunities! "These aren't the carbs you're looking for," "You don't want to sell me breadsticks," and "Luke, I am your challah" spring to mind, but we're sure you could do even better with a belly full of bread. Check out photos of the Star Wars snacks, then get brainstorming on your Force-fueled Instagram caption.