Costco Is Selling Everything Bagel Seasoning in Bulk, and We Plan on Filling Our Living Rooms

Costco just keeps outdoing itself. Between its five-tier wedding "cakes" made entirely of cheese wheels, its delicious taco kits that make weeknight dinner about 10 times easier, and its ginger and turmeric shots sold in bulk to help you stay in tip-top shape, a visit to Costco is more like a visit to heaven. And if you can believe it, your next shop just got even more exciting, because it turns out that Costco also carries Everything Bagel Seasoning in bulk. (And I thought I hit the jackpot when they started selling a 27-pound tub of macaroni and cheese.)

The bagel seasoning, made by Olde Thompson, features a delicious blend of garlic, onion, poppy seeds, and sesame seeds. Most often associated with bagels, this seasoning can be sprinkled on pretty much anything, from sandwiches and meats to even popcorn and salads. And don't worry about running out — with its 11.5 ounce container, there's surely enough to add to all of your favorite dishes.

The seasoning retails for around $4, but be sure to check your local Costco store as prices and availability may vary based on location. Happy sprinkling!