Cook Jacques Pépin's Chicken Jardinière and Make Your Mother Proud

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This August, Jacques Pépin released a collection of handmade dishware at Sur La Table all featuring paintings of chickens the chef sketched himself! To coincide with the debut, he also released a new cookbook, Poulets & Legumes: My Favorite Chicken & Vegetable Recipes, and a series of captivating videos, like this one, featuring Chicken Jardinière, a dish Jacques says he "remembers from [his] mother." The one-pot recipe features ingredients you probably already have on hand, like chicken, potatoes, carrots, mushrooms, and frozen peas. It's simmered together for an ultracomforting, easy dish you can spoon into a bowl and serve with crusty bread (to mop up the aromatic broth). "My mother would be proud," Jacques grins as he ends the video.

If that's not enough to melt your heart, take a look at his delightful collection of chicken dishes and cookware. My personal favorites are the chicken cocktail napkins ($7) and chicken mugs ($20). I'm also eyeing the copper Mauviel Sauteuse, but it's currently sold out! According to Sur La Table, the company is working with Mauviel to produce more. BRB, going to shop for my favorites before they're no longer available.