Giada De Laurentiis Will Make You Completely Rethink Casserole Recipes

The Italian Food Network star Giada De Laurentiis makes irresistible recipes, including these cheese-loaded casseroles, many of which fold in pasta, of course. The comforting thing to note is all of these recipes can be found on her new lifestyle website Giadzy, meaning these are dishes that Giada prepares for her family and friends. Doesn't that make you want to just dive right in?


It won't be hard to get your greens when they're submerged in pasta and cheese.

Get the recipe: mushroom and swiss chard lasagna rolls


Capers and lemon cut through the ricotta and mascarpone béchamel sauce.

Get the recipe: turkey and mushroom stuffed shells


Vegetarians can get their casserole fix too with this veggie-filled dish.

Get the recipe: baked penne with roasted vegetables

Elizabeth Newman | Giadzy

Pastina translates to "little pasta." This tomato-chicken casserole isn't complete without the golden-brown breadcrumbs, parmesan, and butter on top.

Get the recipe: Italian baked chicken and pastina

Giada De Laurentiis | Giadzy

"This is a recipe I made up on the fly for dinner one night with Jade. I used leftovers I had on hand," Giada explains to readers.

Get the recipe: baked gnocchi

Lauren Volo | Giadzy

This puffy casserole combines most of life's greatest foods: cheese, butter, and fluffy egg whites.

Get the recipe: easy cheese soufflé


Like adult mac and cheese, this version is loaded with veggies and spicy red pepper flakes.

Get the recipe: spicy baked macaroni

Elizabeth Newman | Giadzy

Take the messiness of serving lasagna out of the equation by rolling the pasta with its fillings.

Get the recipe: lasagna rolls

Elizabeth Newman | Giadzy

Manicotti refers to the large, tubular pasta that's intended to be stuffed with cheese and baked like so.

Get the recipe: beef and cheese manicotti

Ray Kachatorian | Giadzy

Like an American meatloaf but with all the flavors of an Italian meatball.

Get the recipe: meatloaf parmesan