How to Score a Sublime Gold Kit Kat

Leave it to Japan to release yet another incredible Kit Kat idea. Earlier this year, we drooled over Japan's Kit Kat croissants, and now here's the latest object of our envy: Sublime Gold Kit Kats. This January to coincide with the New Year, Nestlé Japan will release 500 special-edition gold-leaf-wrapped Kit Kats to be sold in its eight Chocolatory boutiques. Each little Kit Kat will retail for $16 (2,016 yen) since the gold leaf layer is applied by hand to a bitter chocolate Kit Kat. But if you need more gold, customers who sign up for a Chocolatory membership in January have a chance to win a 24-karat golden Kit Kat (weighing about eight ounces). Break me off a piece of that!

Nestlé Japan