10 Things You Never Knew About Guy Fieri

Are you ready for the untold story of Guy Fieri? Sure, most people stop at the blond tips and SNL spoofs, but I'll have you know, there's so much more to Guy than his tough, tatted-up demeanor. Beyond his barbecue sauce line and neon-yellow car collection, here are 10 things you don't know about this Food Network star.

  1. People liken Guy Fieri to the Kim Kardashian of the food world, but the man has true cooking chops. I've tried his food firsthand, and it's friggin' delicious.
  2. He has a vineyard in Healdsburg, CA, called Hunt & Ryde, named after his two sons, Hunter and Ryder. He says he makes a "bomb-ass Pinot."
  3. No, his name isn't pronounced like "Ferry." The "r" in Fieri is rolled. Come italiano!
  4. He named his latest restaurant, which opened in March, El Burro Borracho. It translates to The Drunken Donkey. Amazing.
  5. He owns a pet tortoise named Pops.
Alexander Tamargo | Getty Images
  1. True fans call Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives Triple D.
  2. Guy loves to blend two seemingly opposite cuisines together (Tex Wasabi's is sushi meets barbecue). Instead of calling it "fusion," Guy prefers the term "con-fusion."
  3. In 1996, Guy Fieri opened his first restaurant, Johnny Garlic's in Santa Rosa, CA (about an hour north of San Francisco), but he's currently seeking to separate himself from the chain of restaurants.
  4. He was extremely cute as a little kid. Try not to melt over those doe eyes.
  5. He's going where no man has gone before: putting meat smokers on Carnival Magic cruise ships this April for his latest barbecue venture, called Pig & Anchor.