These Harry Potter Doughnuts Taste Like Butterbeer and Have Their Own Golden Snitch!

You can finally catch the ever-elusive golden snitch without having to mount your broomstick for a game of Quidditch. How is this sorcery possible? Because Sugar Shack Donuts is selling its very own edible version of the fluttering orb on top of its newest dessert creation: Harry Potter-inspired doughnuts.

These doughy masterpieces are covered in white glaze and gold, starry sprinkles and feature a spherical, shimmery doughnut hole (Γ  la Dunkin' Donuts Munchkins) with vanilla fondant wings to perfectly mimic the golden snitch from the Harry Potter films. But the Instagram-worthy appearance of these doughnuts isn't even the best part β€” they taste just like Butterbeer! We're obsessed with the butterscotch flavor in drink form, and our mouths are watering just thinking about enjoying it in freakin' doughnut form.

Now that we've sufficiently fan-girled over these treats, let's talk about how Harry Potter fanatics can get their hands on one, shall we? Sugar Shack Donuts unfortunately only has locations in Virginia, Florida, and, most recently, Washington, DC. A store rep told us that the storefronts in Alexandria, VA and Washington, DC have already started serving these magical doughnuts, while the others plan to do so throughout October. Unless you're in one of those aforementioned three states (or have a supply of floo powder to transport yourself to one of them quickly), you may have to settle for simply gawking at the cute pictures of these beauties β€” or you could always roll up your sleeves and try to DIY them at home. Accio, flour!