I'm Reporting Whoever Created This Canned Mac and Cheese to the Authorities

Uh, 911? It's an emergency: I just found out that there's a canned mac and cheese product being sold on Amazon, and I feel extremely threatened. I'm all for a quick and easy dinner every now and again, and it's not often that I'm opposed to eating something that comes out of a can, but canned mac and cheese is something I don't think I'd ever be able to brave.

The product in question, made by Heinz and called "Macaroni Cheese," comes with two servings of macaroni in a "creamy cheese sauce," and it's available for purchase on Amazon for just $3 per can, plus shipping. To be fair, it honestly seems like it'd be no different than eating SpaghettiOs or even canned ravioli from Chef Boyardee, though the thought of eating watered-down mac and cheese out of a can makes me physically shudder.

Since "Macaroni Cheese" ships from the UK, the shipping price is just over $6, so if this is a product that any stateside customers are into, you'd likely end up spending close to $10 for just one can. Whether or not it's actually worth it is something we'll let you be the judge of.