Forget Stuffing Stockings — We Want to Stuff Our Faces With These Holiday Oreo Eggs

The best part about the holiday season is the general excuse to buy seasonal candy as "stocking stuffers." (The beauty is that nobody ever knows if you actually stuff your face instead of the stocking!) And we're ready to head to the local drugstore to load up, because candy-themed Instagram accounts have reported sightings of holiday Oreo Eggs — and the festive, bite-sized candies sound insanely delicious.

According to Candyhunting, the eggs can be found at Walgreens stores with packaging that resembles penguins, snowmen, and reindeer. Similar to Cadbury Creme Eggs but with crunchy bits of Oreo cookies in the creamy centers, these little chocolates are too cute to pass up, especially with their special holiday packaging. So go ahead: buy enough to "stuff those stockings" and treat your wintertime sweet tooth to a treat. We won't tell.