You Can't Unsee This Peeled Lime Thanks to the Internet

The trending, mind-boggling Twitter question of the day is "Why would you ever peel limes?" Twitter user @Exploditorium called the concept "evil and cursed" and later "a crime against humanity", leading to over 19K retweets and 49K "likes" so far. In my three decades on the planet, I can't say I've ever seen a peeled lime myself, and many on Twitter would agree. However, others recommend topping it with sugar or even some salt. Honestly, both sound pretty damn good, especially if chasing a tequila shot. As far as the process of peeling a lime, it might not be as easy as an orange. "Peeling a lime is the hardest thing....... #nevertrytopeelalime," says Instagram user locknesssa. If I were to personally try it out, I'd probably supreme it, using a sharp knife to cup off the rind before slicing the segments.

Peeling a lime is the hardest thing....... #nevertrytopeelalime #peeledlime #lime #lol #tookforever

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