Cedella Marley's 13 Tips For Safely Cooking With Marijuana

Cedella Marley, wellness guru and daughter of reggae legend Bob Marley, recently published a collection of recipes containing cannabis. The cookbook, Cooking With Herb, also contains a list of tips on how to consume these dishes responsibly and how to moderate a high in case you overdo it.

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The Ten Commandments (plus a couple extra) of Cooking with Herb

  1. Edibles take thirty minutes to two hours to be fully absorbed into your body. Be patient — you can always eat a little more, but you'll have to wait many hours for the psychotropic effects of THC to chill if you ingest too much.
  2. Always know how much THC your Herb has in it before making CannaButter, CannaOil, a CannaSpice Blend, or CannaVanilla Extract. If your source does not know the breakdown of the Herb, it's time to find a new one (or grow your own if your state allows it!)
  3. It's better to underdose than overdo it. My recipes are based on 15% THC Herb. Strains with a higher THC level should be used more conservatively. You can always make the next batch of CannaButter, CannaOil, CannaSpice Blend, or CannaVanilla Extract stronger (or simply use more butter or oil in the recipe) if the first time around your high is too mild.
  4. Set up a comfy spot before you begin, especially if you're inviting people who have never tried Herb-enhanced food before.
  5. Put on some sweet reggae music. Environment plays a huge factor in the enjoyment of your experience.
  6. Be thoughtful when combining alcohol and Herb. Alcohol can compound the good and bad psychological effects of Herb. That said, it does take thirty minutes to two hours for the Herb to kick in, so starting the evening with a glass of wine or a cocktail is usually just fine.
  7. Always label food made with Herb, including how much represents a single portion and how much THC that portion contains (you can also pre-portion items like popcorn into single-serving cups). If hosting an uplifted dinner party, be sure to mix non-Herb-infused dishes into your menu so everyone can feel well fed and satisfied without overindulging on the enhanced dishes.
  8. Never drive after eating food infused with Herb. Ever.
  9. Remember that edibles are more intense when consumed on an empty stomach.
  10. Herb-enhanced food is for adults only. Ensure that children do not have easy access to Herb-infused products.
  11. Have orange juice and an electrolyte beverage like Gatorade handy in case anyone overdoes it. Increasing your blood sugar level can help moderate a high. Some also say a lemon slice under the tongue helps.
  12. Clear your schedule for twelve hours after you plan on eating Herb-infused food — just in case.
  13. FullJoy yourself and be open to all possibilities.
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