This Top Chef Is Writing an Entire Cookbook Devoted to the Slow Cooker

Chef Hugh Acheson dares to tackle a subject many in the food scene have avoided or ignored, the modest slow cooker, and he's writing an entire cookbook devoted to the subject. On his Instagram, he shared a few pictures of himself editing drafts of this new cookbook, entitled The Chef and the Slow Cooker ($30). As someone who slow-cooks often and relies on a strange mix of blogger recipes, out-of-print cookbooks, and my own guestimations, I'm very much looking forward to learning proper techniques and reliable recipes from an acclaimed chef! Though we'll have to wait until Oct. 17 to get our hands on a copy, the description of the cookbook sounds promising.

The book will contain 100 "convenient" slow-cooker recipes "with a chef's twist." We can expect elevated recipes like brisket with soy, orange, ginger, and star anise and pork shoulder braised in milk with fennel and raisins. Chef Acheson also delves into unexpected uses for the slow cooker, like poaching eggs (and holding them to serve at a party) and slow-cooking a ramen broth. Beyond the savory, the cookbook will include sweet stuff too like jams, preserves, and desserts.