Ikea's New Veggie Meatballs Won't Make You Regret Your Impulse Snack

Ikea is known for its extensive offering of affordable Scandinavian furniture — and food — and now the company is expanding its food court options to include vegetarian Swedish meatballs! It's great news for non-meat-eaters and omnivores alike, since the company promises that the new item will be healthier overall and better for the planet, with a carbon footprint 30 times smaller than the original.


In fact, the new balls are vegan; made of chickpeas, carrots, kale, and corn; and you can buy 10 for $4.49. Assuming they're as tasty as they look, we're hoping Ikea sells a frozen version of the Grönsaksbullar. We'd love to use them for a veggie version of meatball minestrone or in meatball sandwiches at home.