Happy Birthday, Carnivores — Japanese Meat Cakes Were Created Just For You

If your three main food groups are red meat, poultry, and fish, and the idea of a "sweet tooth" is foreign to you, then we have an idea for your next birthday. "Meat cakes" are the latest trend in Japanese cuisine, and after going viral on Twitter they're sure to gain traction internationally. And yes, meat cakes are exactly what they sound like: cake-shaped formations of meat, typically thin, raw slices that are cooked right at the table (after you blow out your candles, of course).

Gone are the days of overly sweet frosting and dry sheet cake; we're entering an age of wagyu beef birthday goodness, baby. Check out some of the glorious meat creations coming out of Japan below. They're enough to make any meat-eater break out in a cold sweat!