You Can Now Buy Pints of Frosé, So We're Having Dessert For Breakfast, Lunch, AND Dinner

POPSUGAR Photography | Brinton Parker
POPSUGAR Photography | Brinton Parker

Up until now, getting your hands on frozen Rosé ice cream — better known as "frosé" — has been an undertaking. Sure, you could order something online, visit one of the few bars that serve it, or attempt making it yourself . . . but that's a lot of effort on those days when you just want to sit at home and eat your wine while watching Queer Eye! So, Jeni's ice cream decided to solve all of your problems by mass-producing frosé and making it readily available at grocery stores. Yes, it comes in pints.

The frosé sorbet doesn't only sound good because it contains real Sonoma Valley wine. The flavor description for Jeni's Frosé Sorbet is enough to make your mouth water:

"We start with Rosé from Peregrine Ranch in Sonoma Valley. A fruity Rosé filled with notes of bright strawberry, subtle blackberry jam, and hints of lemon zest. It's got crisp acidity and a dry, refreshing finish. We amp up all these flavor notes with added pear and strawberry, plus watermelon essence and lemon juice. It's great topped with your favorite sparkling wine, a shot of tequila, or even more Rosé."

You hear that? We've gotten official permission to top our frosé with even more Rosé! It's basically an affogato, but with wine all the way down. Oh, and guess what? The Frosé Sorbet is dairy-free, too.

Jeni's Frosé Sorbet is priced at $12 per pint (about the cost of an inexpensive bottle of Rosé), and you can find it at Whole Foods and a variety of other grocers. (Use the Jeni's location finder to see where you can buy your own!)