1 Batter, 3 Layers: Magic Cakes You'll Have to Bake Up to Believe

POPSUGAR Photography | Nicole Iizuka
POPSUGAR Photography | Nicole Iizuka

Magic cake is called such, because one batter bakes into three distinct cake layers: a fudgy bottom, custard middle, and sponge cake top. It's so rich and flavorful, there's no need to top it with icing. Pinterest and food bloggers have popularized the distinct technique, and these particular recipes deserve a place on your "must-bake" board.

Custard Magic Cake

Chocolate Magic Cake

Pumpkin Magic Cake

Nutella Magic Cake

Honey Magic Cake

Chocolate Guinness Magic Cake

3 Berry Magic Cake

Matcha Magic Cake

Butterscotch Magic Cake