3 Essential Tips For Happiness, According to Mario Batali

Mario Batali shared some pretty awesome life tips in a recent interview with LinkedIn's Editor in Chief Daniel Roth. With 28 restaurants and a cohosting gig at ABC's The Chew, the world-renowned chef is a busy guy, to say the least. In order to stay positive, or power his happy, there are three things that Mario practices on a regular basis and that you can, too.


When asked about his daily routine, Mario noted that meditation is a key part of his life. "I get up at about 5. Just about every day of my life. I box, or I play golf. Then I meditate. Meditation, if you don't do it, I recommend it. It's a way to find a calm little moment of you making sure that every stupid thing that happens to you every day doesn't piss you off."

Do Something You Love

"I would always suggest to anybody, if you can find something you love to do, you're never at work. So my kids look at me and they see I'm happy all the time. Like stupid happy. And they're looking at me like, 'Dad, maybe I should get a job like yours.'"

Find Something You Love Cooking, and Make It a Lot

When someone asked Mario about the one thing he liked cooking, Mario said he is "consistently happy" to make any thin, dried pasta noodle with shellfish. "Could be linguini with clams. Or, say, black spaghetti with rock shrimp and chorizo," Daniel noted. Mario said, "Those are the things that, to me, sing the song the most of the product and the least of the chef. As you get older, and older, and older, you less need chef intervention and are more impressed by the simplicity of the product and the product uniqueness itself."