Try Not to Freak Out, but There's an Entirely Oreo-Themed McDonald's Menu

McDonald's Hong Kong

If you love Oreos (and really, who doesn't?), you need to hop on a plane to a McDonald's in Hong Kong immediately. For a limited time, the fast-food chain is introducing sweet new products to the McCafé menu, made with your favorite chocolate snack, Oreos.

The McCafé x Oreo menu features treats like an Oreo Tiramisu and Chocolate Cheese Tart, but if you're more of a coffee-lover, you're about to get really excited. The chocolate-filled menu has two tasty drinks themed like the iconic cookie. The Oreo Tiramisu Latte is served hot with plenty of whipped cream and a sprinkle of Oreo crumbles. The Oreoccino comes in both hot and iced varieties and is topped with a pile of Oreo cookie crumbs.

Foodies in Hong Kong have been posting about the treats on Instagram using the hashtag #ANewWaytoTwist, perhaps referring to the way some people twist off the tops of the chocolate cookies.

Read on to see the photos of these amazing treats and pray that they arrive in the United States soon.