McDonald's Makes a Strawberry Soft Serve, and It's Going Viral

McDonald's is serving up every Instagrammer's dream: strawberry soft-serve ice cream in a millennial pink hue. This creamy swirled delight is giving us serious envy. Not to be confused with the lychee flavor, this new strawberry treat stands alone. It's currently only available at McDonald's locations in Malaysia — yup, the same place responsible for these Minion-inspired soft-serve cones. Fans on Instagram say it's a "yummy must-eat," and others even mixed it with vanilla soft serve "to give the satisfaction of both the classic and the new flavor." Many also noted making a special trip to the McDonald's just to try the new menu item, so I think we'll have to book our next trip to Malaysia too. Alternatively, though it's not quite the same, you can order a strawberry sundae with soft-serve ice cream and strawberry sauce here in the States.