McDonald's Just Released Waffle Fries, and Hot Damn, We Need Them ASAP

Brace yourselves, reader, because the following news may make you salivate and/or attempt to eat your screen. We've just discovered that McDonald's locations in Singapore have begun selling freakin' waffle fries, and they look incredibly dreamy.

This salt-coated side dish (or main dish, if you so please) was recently released in McDonald's restaurants in Singapore as part of a limited-edition menu that includes other local favorites like a coconut pie dessert and the Nasi Lemak Burger (a coconut-flavored chicken patty topped with fried egg, caramelized onions, and cucumber slices). Officially referred to as "criss-cut fries," the greasy, potato-y masterpieces are basically 10 fries in one, if you really think about it, and we're all about getting the most bang for our buck.

It's safe to say these waffle fries have just scored the No. 1 spot on our international McDonald's french fries bucket list (sorry not sorry, curly fries). The drool-worthy photos of these fries ahead will certainly entice you to embark on an adventure around the globe just to hunt them down.