Want Something Stronger Than a Cupcake? Try Disney's Rose Gold Bubbly Instead

It's no secret that Disney has been totally killing it in the rose gold (and millennial pink!) department lately, churning out Instagrammable mouse ears and droolworthy desserts by the boatload. But if you're looking for something a bit stronger than a rose-colored cupcake, you should head out of the Walt Disney World parks and into Orlando's Disney Springs, where you can find adult-friendly beverages with just the magic touch you desire from a Disney experience.

You can tickle your rose gold fancy AND enjoy a refreshing cocktail at Amorette's Patisserie, where Disney fans have been flocking for adorable snaps of pale pink cuvée cocktails topped with metallic, edible Minnie Mouse ears. The pink sparkling wine is the perfect refreshment for a long day of Disney-ing, and you can enjoy it alongside one of Amorette's iconic pastry desserts if you're feeling extra indulgent. Check out these gorgeous snaps of the "millennial pink drink" from Disney Springs visitors, then start checking off your boozy Disney bucket list!