Millennial Pink Doughnuts Are Pretty, but It's the Ingredients That Have Us Shook

Millennial pink has been inundating our lives and our Instagram feeds for what feels like forever, but this may be the aesthetically pleasing trend to end them all: millennial pink doughnuts. Well, the official name is beetroot lemon-thyme doughnuts, but us millennials keep it real. Insider Food initially spotted the dessert from Crosstown Doughnuts in London, which describes the pretty menu item as "a soft, fluffy, pink beetroot sourdough with a lemon-thyme glaze, topped with a home made vanilla crumble and fresh lemon-thyme."

Yep, you read that correctly. Not only are the doughnuts adorable as can be, but they're kind of frickin' healthy, making them the most *millennial* millennial pink sweet imaginable. The bakery doesn't dye its dough with food coloring but dyes its specialty homemade sourdough with beetroot, creating that bright pink color that is 100 percent natural and Instagram-approved. From the looks of the following video showing how they're made, the doughnuts turn a little bit lighter when fried, giving them that millennial pink glow. Read on to see how the treat is made, and prepare to drool over the doughnuts.