S'mores Mochi Is the Perfect Summer Dessert Because It's Too Hot Out For a Legit Campfire

Though s'mores are synonymous with Summer, it might actually be too hot out for them right now given the whole campfire element. So, here's a practical alternative: s'mores mochi ice cream. Earlier this year, mochi brand My/Mo launched several triple-layered treats, including this s'mores one, which consists of a chocolate mochi outer layer with graham cracker ice cream and marshmallow on the inside.

Already sold? Let's get into the nitty-gritty: each mochi piece is 120 calories, and a box comes with six pieces. The dessert seems to be fairly available nationwide at retailers including Target, Fresh Market, Publix, and more. Ahead, check out tempting photos of the s'mores mochi and add it to your shopping list before your next grocery run.