The 1 Item GOT's Nathalie Emmanuel Always Stocks in Her Kitchen

Stars: they're just like us! They even have an affinity for the same things we do, like tea! Game of Thrones' Nathalie Emmanuel, whom you might know as Missandei, is a Brit through and through, and her healthy dedication to tea is evidence of that. Not only does the actress straight-up refer to herself as a tea drinker in her Instagram bio, but she also frequently shares photos of herself — and sometimes her costars — sipping a fresh cuppa. As a fellow tea-lover, I find myself commonly settling down for the evening the same way Nathalie does, with my favorite cup of tea, and if you're anything like us, I'm sure you can relate. Keep reading for a glimpse at Nathalie's love affair with her favorite drink, including the time she really went for it and drank her tea from a bowl because she didn't have a mug handy. Now that's dedication.